Kancera reports results from clinical Phase I study and strategy for continued development of KAND567

Kancera AB (publ) hereby reports results from a Phase I study in healthy subjects with the immunoregulating drug candidate KAND567. The study shows that KAND567 is safe and well-tolerated up to 500 mg twice daily for 7 days. The...

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Kancera reports that clinical Phase I study has been completed in the Fractalkine project

Kancera AB (publ) reports that the Phase I study in the Fractalkine project has been completed in accordance with study protocols. In the study, drug characteristics, safety and tolerability have been documented for KAND567 in 62 healthy subjects. The...

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Kancera acquires additional rights to the Fractalkine project

Kancera AB (publ) has previously announced that the company controls patents and rights to the Fractalkine project, including KAND567, in all diseases except lung diseases. Agreements with AstraZeneca AB and Acturum Real Estate AB now give Kancera AB full...

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Kancera performs the second partial payment for the Fractalkine project

According to the agreement with Acturum Real Estate AB, the second partial payment for the Fractalkine project is due when the drug candidate KAND567 has been given to a certain number of subjects in the ongoing Phase Ia study.Therefore,...

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Kancera hereby reports that the company's ROR inhibitor KAN0441571 effectively eliminates ROR1-bearing leukemic cells in a mouse model of human chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

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Kancera and Recipharm collaborate to manufacture clinical trial supply

Kancera, a development company focused on cancer therapy and Recipharm, a leading contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), have signed a contract for the development and manufacture of the pharmaceutical candidate KAND567.

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Kancera announces start of  Phase 1 Multiple Ascending Dose Trial of KAND567

Kancera today launches the second part of the ongoing clinical Phase I study of KAND567. During this part of the study, KAND567 is administered to groups of healthy subjects in increasing doses, twice a day for seven days. The...

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Kancera announces approval for the start of clinical trial of KAND567

The Medical Ethics Committee (METC) at the University Medical Center in Groningen, The Netherlands, has approved the start of clinical Phase I study of KAND567. The first dose to humans will be given within the next few weeks.

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Kancera has applied for a clinical trial for KAND567

Kancera AB has applied for approval for a Phase I clinical trial. The study is planned to be conducted in collaboration with the clinical contract company QPS in Groningen, The Netherlands.

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Kancera provides an operational update of the PFKFB3 project

Kancera reports that PFKFB3-inhibitor KAN0438757 increases the effect of a promising class of drugs for intractable cancer. Kancera has strengthened their development of drugs directed against PFKFB3 and DNA repair through a new recruitment. The European and US patent...

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