Kancera’s research will be highlighted at this year’s largest conference on cardiovascular diseases

Kancera AB (Nasdaq First North: KAN) today announces that the European Society of Cardiology has selected Kancera's research for its "outstanding quality" which will result in an oral presentation as part of the session "Advances in Science - Emerging...

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Kancera puts forward KAND145 as a new drug candidate

This is a translation of the press release in Swedish Stockholm 2019-05-02 Kancera AB (Nasdaq First North: KAN) today announces that the company is strengthening its project portfolio by nominating KAND145 as a new drug candidate. KAND145 is covered...

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Kancera reports results from analyses of the Fractalkine system in lymphoma patients’ immune cells

This is a translation of a press release in Swedish 2019-01-29 Kancera AB (Nasdaq First North: KAN) today announces that the results of a study of lymphoma patients' immune cells show that the Fractalkine system is activated in the...

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Kancera has achieved important intermediate goals prior to the planned start of clinical studies with the drug candidate KAND567

This is a translation from the Swedish press release 2019-01-28 Kancera AB (Nasdaq First North: KAN) today announces that intermediate goals have been achieved prior to the planned start of clinical trials with the drug candidate KAND567 to demonstrate...

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Kancera gains a strong partner for the further development of their HDAC inhibitors

This is a translation of a pressrelease in Swedish from December 3rd 2018. Kancera AB announced today that the company has entered into an Research and Option agreement with Grünenthal, a leading pharmaceutical company in pain research and management....

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Kancera AB announces that a letter of intent has been signed with US-based private investor

Here follows a translation of a Swedish press release from November 23th 2018. Kancera announces that terms have been prepared for a shareholders' decision on investment in the company by Global Corporate Finance (GCF), New York. The investment, which...

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Discovery of how Kancera’s PFKFB3 inhibitor acts against cancer published in a reputable scientific journal

Kancera AB today announced that the article entitled "Targeting PFKFB3 radiosensitizes cancer cells and suppresses homologous recombination" has been published by researchers from Karolinska Institutet and Kancera AB in the journal Nature Communications1. The article documents the molecular mechanisms...

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Kancera provides an operational update for the Fractalkine project

Kancera AB (publ) hereby reports on project activities and status for the preparation and implementation of a clinical study in cardiovascular inflammation associated with myocardial infarction. In the cancer area, it is announced that the research project funded by...

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A new patent application from Kancera lays the foundation for the development of additional drug candidates in the Fractalkine project

This is a translation of the Swedish press release published 2018-07-06. Kancera AB (publ) hereby announces that unique blockers (antagonists) of the Fractalkine system have been patented. Kancera intends to further develop a new drug candidate from the patented...

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Kancera provides operational update for HDAC6 and ROR projects

Kancera AB intends to provide new information about the company's pharmaceutical projects during April in a prospectus that forms part of a proposed new share issue. For this reason, Kancera now communicates the following information: Kanceras HDAC6 inhibitor KAN0440262...

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