CEO Statement

"I feel very confident about Kancera’s opportunities - having three clinical studies in pipeline, all with the potential to address medical needs in diseases with significant market opportunities."

Peter Selin, CEO Kancera AB

With two drug candidates in three ongoing clinical studies, the fourth quarter will be an intense and eventful period for Kancera

”In KAND567 and KAND145, Kancera has two very strong candidate drugs with significant market opportunities within the fields of inflammatory driven cardiovascular diseases and cancer. There are significant needs for more effective therapies in both these fields and there are strong scientific rationales for treatment with our fractalkine blockers.   

These two candidate drugs are currently being studied in three ongoing clinical studies:

The FRACTAL study – an ongoing phase IIa study of KAND567 in myocardial infarction. The final statistical analysis is ongoing and we expect to present top line results by end of December this year. The outcome of the FRACTAL study is obviously of very high importance to Kancera, especially with regards to the opportunity to sign partnering deals with other specialty pharma companies.

The KANDOVA study – a combined phase Ib/IIa-study of KAND567 in combination with carboplatin in ovarian cancer patients with relapsed disease. The first part of the study was initiated in Q2 this year. As of today, five hospitals are active in the study and two additional hospitals are planned to be added in the phase IIa part. Our goal is to roll over from phase Ib to phase IIa during the second quarter next year and present top line results before the end of 2024.

The KAND145 First-in-human study – a phase I study of our second generation fractalkine blocker, for which we recently received regulatory approval and the first subjects have been dosed with KAND145.

KAND145 is our second generation fractalkine blocker and we intend this candidate to be our primary drug candidate for treatment of cancer. Hence, this study is of strategic importance to the company. Our overall plan is to switch over to KAND145, following a demonstration of safety and tolerability in the phase I study and a successful outcome of the treatment concept in the field of cancer through the KANDOVA study.

With KAND567 and KAND145 in three ongoing clinical studies, the fourth quarter will continue to be an intense, eventful and very important period for Kancera, in our ongoing transformation from a drug discovery biotech to a clinical development-focused company.”

Solna, November 17, 2023