Statement from the CEO

Kancera has laid the foundation for new drugs against cancer and inflammation through medical discoveries, product development and clinical safety studies. Commercialization of the company's patent-pending assets takes place through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies following positive results from patient studies.

Thomas Olin, CEO Kancera

FRACTAL studies in cardiac patients are being developed according to plan and cancer studies are advancing towards decisions on clinical studies


The FRACTAL study with myocardial infarction patients is developing according to plan

  • Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of premature death in the world today and heart attacks are predominant. Every year, about 500,000 individuals suffer from extensive heart attacks in the United States and Europe, and for about 25% of those affected, a serious complication or death occurs within five years. The need for adequate and effective treatments is therefore significant. During the fourth quarter of 2021, Kancera launched the Phase IIa clinical study FRACTAL, which aims to document the safety and cardioprotective effect (with biomarkers) of the KAND567 Fractalkine blocker in patients suffering from an infarction in the anterior wall of the ventricle. The study is being conducted in collaboration with the NHS Foundation at the two prominent university hospitals Freeman Hospital and James Cook Hospital in the United Kingdom.
  • Of the total of 60 patients to be included in the study, 28 have so far been treated, which means that progress is being made according to plan to include all patients during 2022.

In-depth results from the COVID study

In March, we were able to present results from in-depth analyzes of a Phase IIa clinical trial of patients with moderate to severe COVID-19. The results show that KAND567 had an immediate and specific effect on the Fractalkine system in the patients who were seriously ill. This provides further support for the fact that Kancera’s innovative drug candidates have the potential to alleviate disease states where the Fractalkine system causes an over-activation of the immune system. The insight opens up for the treatment of a number of indications with a marked need for improved treatments, including acute inflammation of the heart and kidney and autoimmune diseases.

Progress in our cancer projects

  • Every year, 300,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, often at a late stage, which contributes to the disease being the most serious form of gynecological cancer. In 2021, Kancera has published cell studies that show that Kancera’s fractalkine blockers in combination with chemotherapy drugs act in synergy to damage the tumor’s DNA. The effect is that cancer cells are damaged so much that they are forced to eliminate themselves. This in turn leads to the tumor shrinking. In early 2022, Kancera reported further strengthening preclinical results showing that the company’s Fractalkine blockers, in combination with chemotherapy drugs, effectively target cancer cells in patient samples from primary tumors and metastases. During the period May to October, we carry out a confirmatory preclinical effect study against ovarian cancer and produce capsules with Kancera’s Fractalkine blockers for clinical studies.
  • Given the positive results from this preclinical effect study, we plan to apply for a approval for a clinical phase Ib / IIa study with the aim of documenting safety and biomarkers for tumor effect for the combination Fractalkine blockers – chemotherapy. Through these studies, we are taking significant steps in the evaluation of Kancera’s Fractalkine blockers as a new class of anticancer drugs that currently have no effective treatment options.
  • Our preclinical research has further generated new results that show how fractalkine blockers can reprogram the microenvironment that normally helps cancer cells to survive, divide and spread. These promising effects of Kancera’s fractalkine blockers are under scrutiny in ongoing studies of patient samples. Results from these studies are planned to be reported during the second half of 2022.

Operational status

On May 1, we welcomed Peter Selin to the company as Executive Vice President Corporate Development and Vice President with responsibility for business development, strategic partnerships and out-licensing. Peters is part of the management team and plays a significant role in the continued value building within Kancera.

We are now looking forward to a continued strong recruitment of patients for the cardiac study in the United Kingdom and the preparatory steps for a clinical study of Fractalkine blockers against cancer.

Solna, May 20, 2022
Thomas Olin
CEO Kancera AB (publ)