Pharmaceuticals for Inflammation and Cancer

Kancera is a world leader in developing small molecule drugs for cancer and inflammation.

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Our Team

Our development is done by employees with cutting-edge knowledge and long experience.

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Our vision

To contribute to normalisation of life and more efficient care

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Our History Creates our Future

Develops medical discoveries for clinical benefit

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Our Drug Development

Kancera creates a whole new class of drugs and opens up for precision medicine.

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Our Share

Kancera's share is traded on Nasdaq OMX First North. Take a look at the latest information and reports

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New Class of Drug for Cancer and Inflammation

Kancera is a world leader in the clinical development of small-molecule drugs that block the Fractalkine system, which is a newly exploited cellular control system for the development of drugs against cancer and inflammation.

The company’s two main drug candidates are KAND567, currently in clinical phase II for treatment of acute inflammatory conditions, and KAND145, currently in clinical preparatory studies prior to the start of phase I against treatment-resistant ovarian cancer.

Statement from the CEO

Kancera has laid the foundation for new drugs against cancer and inflammation through medical discoveries, product development and clinical safety studies. Commercialization of the company's patent-pending assets takes place through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies following positive results from patient studies.

Thomas Olin, CEO Kancera AB
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Our team: innovation & experience

Our research and company development is done by employees with cutting-edge knowledge and long experience. Through our extensive network of contacts, we have created strong collaborations, which has enabled an extraordinary height of innovation.