Kancera recruits two PhD students to the EU-funded research programme SYNTRAIN

Kancera AB (publ) has previously announced that the company has been awarded a research grant of approximately EUR 500 000, in the context of the EU research programme SYNTRAIN (a program within Horizon 2020), for the financing of two...

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Kancera completes acquisition of the Fractalkine project for autoimmune diseases and cancer

Kancera AB (publ) has previously announced the Board's decision to execute the company's exclusive option to acquire the Fractalkine project from Acturum Real Estate AB after transfer of results and know-how. This transfer of results and know-how has now...

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Kancera comments: Breakthrough for drug development targeting the Fractalkine system that controls immune cells and cancer cells

Blocking the Fractalkine system has been shown in clinical trials to have the desired effects in humans against intractable forms of autoimmune diseases. The results are in line with the positive effects that Kancera has been able to demonstrate...

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Kancera provides operational update of the project portfolio

Kancera AB (publ) presents new information on - how the company's Fractalkine blocker prevents immune cells (monocytes) to infiltrate the nerves and spinal cord, which prevents nerve damage and enhanced pain sensitivity associated with cancer treatment - the fact...

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Kancera reports positive results for fractalkine blocker KAN0440567 in preclinical models of pain caused by anti-cancer drugs

Kancera AB (publ) today reported that the drug candidate KAN0440567 quickly and effectively counteracts the kind of pain that results from chemotherapy and that often prevents effective treatment of cancer. The results also indicate that the Kancera drug candidate...

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Kancera announces results from the ROR project in connection with a presentation on November 17th

In connection with a presentation at the Swedish Shareholders' Association on 17 November in Vimmerby, Kancera communicates new results in the ROR project. These results indicate that the company's ROR inhibitors may work against a particular type of intractable...

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Kancera prepares for clinical development

Kancera AB (publ) announced today that Niclas Brynne has been appointed to lead Kancera's clinical development projects. He will be part of the management team and report directly to the CEO.

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Kancera provides operational update of the Fractalkine and ROR projects

Kancera reports that the Fractalkine antagonist KAN0440567 is able to eliminate pain resulting from inflammation of the pancreas and that the ROR inhibitor KAN0439834 has been shown to effectively kill resistant cancer cells from the bone marrow of multiple...

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Kancera acquires the Fractalkine project

Due to positive efficacy data in disease models of cancer and pain, Kancera's Board of Directors has decided to exercise the exclusive option to acquire the Fractalkine project.

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Kancera provides operational update of the ROR and PFKFB3 projects

Kancera reports that ROR inhibitors have been tested against human triple negative breast cancer transferred to zebrafish. The experiments showed that Kancera's small molecule ROR inhibitors are able to both reduce tumor size and metastases (spread) of this aggressive...

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