Kancera provides operational update for HDAC6 and ROR projects


Kancera AB intends to provide new information about the company’s pharmaceutical projects during April in a prospectus that forms part of a proposed new share issue. For this reason, Kancera now communicates the following information:

Kanceras HDAC6 inhibitor KAN0440262 and ROR inhibitor KAN0441571 are effectively taken up in the brain and bone marrow respectively, which allows the development of these substances for new clinical applications. The European Patent Office EPO has given Kanceras KAN0440262 the opportunity for rapid approval process due to its degree of innovation.


Kanceras KAN0440262 has previously been reported to be a potent and selective HDAC6 inhibitor which is absorbed into the blood after oral administration. New animal studies show that KAN0440262 effectively passes through the blood-brain barrier and resides in the brain at significantly higher concentrations and for a longer time than in the bloodstream. This combination of properties allows Kancera to exploit the substance for multiple brain disorders, including brain tumor (glioblastoma) and neuropathic pain. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies have expressed an interest in evaluating whether KAN0440262 has an effect on these diseases in collaboration with Kancera.

Kancera has also been able to demonstrate that treatment that has resulted in relevant exposure in the brain of KAN0440262 does not lead to notable effects on animal behavior or general health. The so-far-positive safety profile of KAN0440262 is further supported by studies on 44 safety markers in vitro which were concluded without anomalies. However, before clinical trials can take place, extended toxicological studies are required.

EPO (The European Patent Office) has, in a report (International Preliminary Report on Patentability), concluded that the patent application involving KAN0440262 is both innovative and has a sufficient inventive step. Following such a positive report, several countries also offer the possibility of a faster handling of patent applications, a so-called “Patent Prosecution Highway”. This patent application, which includes KAN0440262, enters the national registration phase in June 2018.


Kanceras ROR inhibitor KAN0441571 has previously been reported to be five times more effective in killing cancer cells in vitro and to remain in the blood five times longer than the project’s first drug candidate whose effects were described in the prestigious Leukemia journal in March. Kancera reports that KAN0441571 penetrates the bone marrow where it achieves an expected pharmacologically active concentration for several hours. This property may be of significant importance for the treatment of blood cancers that originate from the bone marrow and in the treatment of ROR-dependent bone metastases. 

Read more about the projects on the website in Kancera’s latest project report: http://kancera.com/en/ 

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