Kancera provides an operational update for the Fractalkine project

Kancera AB (publ) hereby reports on project activities and status for the preparation and implementation of a clinical study in cardiovascular inflammation associated with myocardial infarction. In the cancer area, it is announced that the research project funded by...

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INTERIM REPORT FOR KANCERA  AB (publ) 1st January – 30th June 2018

PERIOD 1 JAN – 30 JUNE 2018 IN BRIEF • Net sales for the period amounted to MSEK 0.0 (0.1 million). Sales for the second quarter were 0.0 MEK (0.1 M) • R & D expenses for the period amounted to SEK 20.8...

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A new patent application from Kancera lays the foundation for the development of additional drug candidates in the Fractalkine project

This is a translation of the Swedish press release published 2018-07-06. Kancera AB (publ) hereby announces that unique blockers (antagonists) of the Fractalkine system have been patented. Kancera intends to further develop a new drug candidate from the patented...

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INTERIM REPORT FOR KANCERA  AB (publ) 1st January – 31st March 2018

PERIOD 1 JAN – 31 MARCH 2018 IN BRIEF • Net sales amounted to SEK 0 million (0 million) • R & D expenses amounted to SEK 11.8 million (8.3 M) • Operating profit amounted to SEK -12.5 million (-9.7 million) •...

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Time plan for Kancera’s rights issue

Today, Friday, April 27, 2018 is the last day of trading in Kancera's share, including the right to participate in the rights issue. Otherwise, the following time plan applies (dates refer to 2018):  Friday April 27th: Last day for trading...

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Kancera provides operational update for HDAC6 and ROR projects

Kancera AB intends to provide new information about the company's pharmaceutical projects during April in a prospectus that forms part of a proposed new share issue. For this reason, Kancera now communicates the following information: Kanceras HDAC6 inhibitor KAN0440262...

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YEAR END REPORT KANCERA  AB (publ) 1st January – 31st December 2017

PERIOD 1 JAN – 31 DEC 2017 IN BRIEF • Net turnover for the period amounted to SEK 0.1 million (0.3 million). For the fourth quarter, turnover amounted to 0.0 MEK (0.1 M). • R & D expenses for the period amounted to...

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Kancera reports results from clinical Phase I study and strategy for continued development of KAND567

Kancera AB (publ) hereby reports results from a Phase I study in healthy subjects with the immunoregulating drug candidate KAND567. The study shows that KAND567 is safe and well-tolerated up to 500 mg twice daily for 7 days. The...

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Kancera reports that clinical Phase I study has been completed in the Fractalkine project

Kancera AB (publ) reports that the Phase I study in the Fractalkine project has been completed in accordance with study protocols. In the study, drug characteristics, safety and tolerability have been documented for KAND567 in 62 healthy subjects. The...

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