Update on the result of the collaboration between Kancera and Thomas Helleday


In 2013, a collaboration was initiated between Kancera and Professor Thomas Helleday at the Science for Life Laboratory, Karolinska Institutet , in order to advance unique research on metabolism of cancer and PFKFB3 as a target for drug development. Within the framework of the collaboration a large-scale laboratory evaluation of synergistic effects between Kancera’s PFKFB3 inhibitors and a large number of approved drugs has been performed.

The results show that synergistic effect against cancer cells can be achieved by combining PFKFB3 inhibitors and some defined classes of approved drugs. In light of the present results, new experiments are planned using preclinical disease models to verify whether PFKFB3 inhibitors can improve the treatment of advanced lung cancer and metastatic breast cancer.

“The results from the collaboration with Professor Thomas Helleday’s research team provided valuable insight that adds strength to the previously demonstrated effect of Kancera PFKFB3 inhibitors against pancreatic cancer in animal studies” said CEO Thomas Olin.

About the PFKFB project
New treatment strategies for cancer may constitute blocking mechanisms which enable the cancer cells to adapt to periods of oxygen deprivation. Kancera’s approach based on a specific inhibition of the enzyme PFKFB3 results in decreased metabolism in cancer cells, and decreased cell growth. Research shows that PFKFB3 is involved in the regulation of both angiogenesis and division of cells, two critical processes that contribute to tumor growth. PFKFB3 is more common in oxygen-deficient tumor tissue than in healthy tissue, which creates the potential for a targeted therapy with fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy. Inhibition of PFKFB3 is expected to starve and weaken the tumor cells by reducing its glycolysis and cell division. In this way one can overcome current problems with tumor resistance to radiation and chemotherapy.

About Professor Helledays research
Professor Thomas Helleday is a well-regarded expert on factors in the development of cancer . Professor Helleday leads an interdisciplinary research team that conducts translational research focused on understanding the fundamental questions about the occurrence of cancer and the development of new drugs for cancer treatment. The group has demonstrated a new concept for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancers with PARP inhibitors, and in 2014 a new concept against several cancers by inhibiting the enzyme MTH1. The research includes both basic research and development spanning from molecule to man in academically-driven clinical trials.

About Kancera AB (publ)
Kancera develops the basis for new therapeutics, starting with new treatment concepts and ending with the sale of a drug candidate to international pharmaceutical companies. Kancera is currently developing drugs for the treatment of leukemia and solid tumors, based on blocking survival signals in the cancer cell and on addressing cancer metabolism. Kancera’s operations are based in the Karolinska Institutet Science Park in Stockholm and the company employs around 10 people. Kancera shares are traded on NASDAQ OMX First North and are held by around 5400 shareholders as of 31th March 2014. Remium Nordic AB is Kancera’s Certified Adviser.

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