Kanceras strategy is given attention when global expertise in cancer gathers in Washington DC


Today Kanceras Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Lars Ährlund-Richter, presents the company and its PFKFB3 inhibitor project at the World Cancer Metabolism Summit in Washington. The meeting brings together world experts in oncology from both the pharmaceutical industry and academia. Kancera has also been invited to participate in Thursday’s panel discussion.

The presentation, entitled “Attacking PFKFB3 Using a Structure-Based Approach”, describes how Kancera has identified and developed several effective and patented series of drug candidates to treat cancer. The development has been facilitated by the know-how that Kancera has built up around the company’s compounds and how they bind to the target protein PFKFB3.

Prof. Ährlund-Richter emphasizes on how Kanceras approach takes the clinical relevance and positioning into account in the early stages of their projects. Early knowledge about the mechanism of action of the drug and the benefits for patient groups adds to the value of the project. All together this enables for early agreements with pharmaceutical companies and, perhaps most importantly, facilitates that the final product reaches the patient.

The presentation also highlights how structural information has been obtained about how the active compounds exercise the drug effect on the PFKFB3 protein. This has provided important guidance to the design of the chemical composition of the drug candidates to reach the desired effect.

Prof. Ährlund-Richter further describes why PFKFB3 is an attractive target for cancer drugs and how Kanceras research supports the potential for a new treatment concept.

Kancera focus initially on the treatment of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract supported by data showing how Kanceras drug candidates can make existing therapies in this area more effective.