Kancera’s drug candidate KAND145 effectively reduces tumor size in a preclinical model of ovarian cancer


This is a translation of press release in Swedish (2021-11-22). Kancera AB (Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market: KAN) today presents preclinical results that show that KAND145 effectively reduces tumor size in a disease model of ovarian cancer. These results also provide guidance on which dose of KAND145 that may become effective against the tumor in future patient studies. Thus, Kancera has made significant progress in the clinical preparatory studies that aim to evaluate KAND145 as a treatment for ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer affects more than 100,000 women annually and the need for long-term effective treatments is huge as the disease is considered to be the most difficult-to-treat form of gynecological cancer. The drug candidate KAND145 is blocking the tumor cells’ ability to repair their DNA, which makes the tumors more sensitive to chemotherapy. KAND145 thus has the potential to be a valuable addition to the treatment options of difficult-to-treat cancers. Kancera is now conducting preclinical studies to prepare for the future clinical development of KAND145

Preclinical results presented today show that KAND145 in combination with chemotherapy (cisplatin) effectively reduces the tumor size of chemotherapy-resistant ovarian cancer in a preclinical disease model (see attached figure). This brings Kancera’s drug development closer to the desired clinical efficacy endpoint in cancer.

The results have been generated in a disease model where human treatment-resistant cancer cells have been transplanted into zebrafish where they form a tumor. This disease model is gaining increasing recognition as it has shown a good correlation to clinical outcome in patients.

Kancera´s results also provide guidance on which dose of KAND145 that may become effective against the tumor in future patient studies. Further, during the second half of 2021 KAND145 has been successfully produced in a kilogram scale, which has enabled the planned start of toxicological studies. Overall, these are important steps towards the goal to apply for the start of a combined clinical phase I/IIa study in cancer patients by the end of 2022.

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About Kancera AB (publ)
Kancera AB is developing a new class of drugs against inflammation and cancer. The company’s drug candidates operate through a newly discovered control system for immune cells and cancer cells, the so-called fractalkine system. Kancera is studying its most advanced drug candidate KAND567 in two fully funded phase IIa clinical trials of heart, kidney and lung injuries caused by hyperinflammation. Top-line data from the phase IIa study in COVID patients were reported in November 2021. Recruitment of patients for the second phase IIa study, of inflammation after myocardial infarction, is expected to be completed in 2022. Kancera also conducts preclinical development of the drug candidate KAND145, which primarily is intended for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer. Kancera also develops preclinical drug candidates against hematological, colorectal and ovarian cancers. The stock is traded on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. FNCA Sweden AB (info@fnca.se, tel. 08-528 00 399) is the company’s Certified Adviser.