Kancera reports inhibitory effects on pancreatic cancer in animal studies


Kancera reports that the company’s first generation of PFKFB3 inhibiting compounds reduces growth of pancreatic cancer in a pre-clinical animal study.

The objective of Kancera’s PFKFB project is to weaken the cancer by diminishing the supply of energy. The first generation of Kancera’s PFKFB inhibiting compounds was selected for testing in two animal studies showing that the substances are effectively distributed in the body and are well tolerated.

In an initial preclinical study, a convincing effect was not achieved in an animal model for human colon cancer. Additional animal studies, which were designed based on the results from the initial study results, have demonstrated reduced growth of a tumor originating from pancreatic cancer in humans. The reduction of tumor growth generated by Kancera’s first generation of PFKFB inhibitors was 20% as compared to placebo treatment. Pancreatic cancer affects annually over 100,000 patients in Europe and the U.S. Survival among these patients is less than two per cent at five years after diagnosis, emphasizing the medical need for new drugs against pancreatic cancer.

“That PFKFB inhibitors alone can reduce the growth of pancreatic cancer is very encouraging and supports our strategy to tackle this devastating disease. Moreover, the results show that we have succeeded as planned to reach a major milestone in this technically challenging project. Next step for the project is to further improve PFKFB inhibitors drug properties and evaluate the effect on tumor growth in combination with standard therapy for pancreatic cancer. However, as previously announced Kancera has taken the decision give priority to the company’s ROR projects and further development of the PFKFB-project will be resumed once adequate funding has been secured, “said Thomas Olin, CEO.

About the PFKFB3 project
Blocking the mechanisms that enable cancer cells to overcome periods of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) may pave the way for new treatment strategies. The project is based on a specific inhibition of the enzyme PFKFB3 resulting in decreased metabolism and cell growth in hypoxic cancer environments.

Inhibition of PFKFB3 is expected to starve and weaken the tumor cells by reducing its glycolysis and cell division. In this way one can overcome the current problems with tumor resistance to radiation and chemotherapy.

About Kancera AB (publ)
Kancera is engaged in drug development that takes its start in new treatment concepts and ends with a candidate drug. Kancera is currently developing medicines for the treatment of both leukemia and solid tumors that interferes with survival signaling and nutrient metabolism within the cancer cell. Kancera is also developing stem cell-based cancer models to study the candidate molecules before testing in humans. Kancera operates in Stockholm and employs approximately 20 people. The share is traded on the NASDAQ OMX First North and the number of shareholders is about 1500. Remium AB is Certified Adviser to Kancera.

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