Kancera enters collaboration with investigators at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, USA, to battle aggressive cancer


In line with Kancera’s strategy for the development of new therapies towards cancer, the company enters collaboration with Professor Mary Hendrix and her research group at The Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago USA.

Professor Hendrix is a renowned expert on factors responsible for the development of breast and skin cancer that are prone to spread and difficult to treat. She serves as the President and Scientific Director of the Children’s Memorial Research Center in Chicago.Kancera AB has, based on its heritage from Pharmacia Corporation and the Karolinska Institute, a long-standing experience from discovery and development of effective drugs.

Under the collaboration, Professor Hendrix and Kancera combine strengths in disease mechanism R&D and product development to deliver novel therapies aimed at overcoming drug resistance and relapse in cancer.

“Our research team is excited about the opportunity to translate basic discoveries with Kancera AB to more effective cancer treatments, as well as establish early prognostic markers of cancer development and drug resistance”, says Professor Mary Hendrix.

”We are very pleased to join forces with Professor Hendrix and convinced that the collaboration presents amutually rewarding opportunity to accelerate translation of key research discoveries into new efficient anti-cancer therapies”, says Thomas Olin, CEO, Kancera AB.

About Kancera AB (publ)
Kancera develops the basis for new therapeutics, starting with new treatment concepts and ending with a drug candidate. Kancera is currently running two projects, one to develop a treatment for leukemia and one project targeting cancer’s ability to generate energy in order to survive. Kancera also develops novel cancer models that provide clinically relevant information on drug candidates before clinical trials are started. Kancera’s operations are run at Pharmacia’s former premises at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. Kancera employs 20 people. The share is traded at NASDAQ OMX First North. The number of shareholders is approximately 1600.