Kancera announces successful results in structure-based design of candidate molecules against cancer


Kancera AB has in collaboration with Sprint Bioscience AB, Stockholm, solved the 3- dimensional crystal structure of a novel chemical class in complex with the target enzyme PFKFB3, by conducting experiments at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble. The PFKFB3 enzyme has the potential to become target for new specific therapies due to its central role in the increased metabolism of tumor cells.

“This gratifying success of the project means that we now have a powerful tool to further develop this new class of compounds through structure-based design. These crystal structures give us a molecular map for the development of new effective drug candidates,” says Dr. Thomas Olin, CEO, Kancera AB.

The objective of this project is to weaken the tumor by reducing its metabolism, in turn resulting in decreased tumor resistance to radiation and chemotherapy.

As recently announced in another of the Kancera preclinical projects, the research teams of Professor Mellstedt at the Karolinska Institutet, Kancera AB and iNovacia AB, have in collaboration developed synthetic small molecules that kill leukemic cells with a 25-fold higher selectivity compared to the cytotoxic drugs available on the market today.

Listing on First North and the ongoing Share Issue

The Board of Directors of Kancera has applied for listing of the Company’s shares on NASDAQ OMX First North. Provided the ongoing Offering is completed on January 31, it is anticipated that trading on First North will begin February 2011. Kancera is issuing 3,600,000 new shares. The issue price has been set at SEK 7 per share, which means that the issue will contribute SEK 25.2m to Kancera before issue expenses. For more information about the Offering and risk factors, please visit www.kancera.com.

About Kancera AB (publ)

Kancera AB is a biotech company focusing is on novel and effective treatment of leukaemia and solid tumors. The portfolio contains PFKFB3 inhibitors targeting glucose metabolism in solid tumors and ROR-1 inhibitors for the treatment of CLL and other hematological malignancies.

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