iNovacia Further Develops its Compound Collection


iNovacia, the drug discovery service provider and subsidiary of Kancera AB (Nasdaq OMX Stockholm First North, KAN), today announced the addition of over 20,000 novel compounds to its small-molecule screening collection. This is in line with the continuous development to maintain a world leading library offered to its international pharma and biotech clients.

The new and novel compounds have been developed in an exclusive joint effort together with Asinex Ltd in Moscow. Before the addition the iNovacia screening collection consisted of approximately 280,000 compounds selected based on diversity, novelty and lead-likenesses. “Our screening collection is now reaching 300,000 compounds. The size and the chemical diversity of the library is well adapted for vigorous screening to develop new drug candidates. The key is to combine diversity and novelty with compounds of high purity and which are amenable for rapid optimization” says Dr. Martin Norin, Chief Operating Officer at iNovacia. He continues: “Our chemists continuously synthesize novel scaffolds to enrich our collection even further. Typically, we have about 50-100 compounds per scaffold in our library and we have an excellent track-record in delivering viable hit and lead series to our clients”.

Earlier this year, iNovacia introduced new filters identifying e.g. Pan Assay Interference Compounds (PAINS), promiscuous compounds that may appear as frequent false positive hits in screening campaigns, and the replacement of such compounds in the collection. This is also in line with iNovacia’s strategy to maintain a screening collection of the very highest quality.

About iNovacia
iNovacia provides high-throughput screening, fragment-based screening and other drug discovery services to translate targets into validated leads for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Enabled by a chemical library of highest international standard, unique biophysical tools for characterization of mode-of-action and SAR, iNovacia can minimize the technical risk and optimize lead-time and quality of drug discovery projects. iNovacia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kancera AB (Nasdaq OMX Stockholm First North, KAN).