Data indicate broad utility of Kancera’s PFKFB3 inhibitors.


Kancera AB (publ), Sweden, has demonstrated effect with their PFKFB3 inhibitors in cells from three different types of solid tumors. In addition to the previously reported enhancement on effects off cisplatin’s effect ion gastric cancer cells, the company has now also demonstrated an anti-cancer effect in colon-, gastric- and pancreatic cancer cells treated with PFKFB3 inhibitors alone.

The results further validate PFKFB3 as an interesting target with broad utility within cancer treatment.

Dr Thomas Olin, CEO, comments the findings: ”The fact that our PFKFB3 inhibitors show effect in several different cancers is very encouraging. I am especially happy to see a potential also in hard to treat pancreatic cancer. With this we further strengthen our efforts in this indication where our ROR project already shows excellent promise”.

About PFKFB3 project
Blocking the mechanisms that enable cancer cells to overcome periods of hypoxia (oxygen defiency) may pave the way for new treatment strategies. The project is based on a specific inhibition of the enzyme PFKFB3 resulting in decreased metabolism and cell growth in hypoxic cancer environments.

Inhibition of PFKFB3 is expected to starve and weaken the tumor cells by reducing its glycolysis and cell division. In this way one can overcome the current problems with tumor resistance to radiation and chemotherapy.

About Kancera AB (publ)
Kancera is engaged in drug development that takes its start in new treatment concepts and ends with a pharmaceutical candidate. Kancera is currently developing medicines for the treatment of both leukemia and solid tumors that interfers with survival signaling and nutrient metabolism within the cancer cell. Kancera is also developing stem cell-based cancer models to study the effect of medicines before testing in humans. Kancera operates in Stockholm and employs approximately 20 people. The share is traded on the NASDAQ OMX First North and the number of shareholders is about one thousand. Remium AB is Certified Adviser to Kancera.

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