ROR-1, target for the Kancera treatment for chronic lymphatic leukemia, has been identified on the surface of eight additional blood cancers. Accordingly, medical use of the Kancera candidate drug under development may be expanded within the frames of current product development.

Kancera has earlier reported that the company identified active substances targeting ROR-1 kill leukemia cells from patients with a selectivity that is 25 times higher than cytostatic drugs currently on the market for treatment of chronic lymphatic leukemia. The company also reports that cancerous cells from an additional eight types of blood cancer carry the target for the Kancera leukemia treatment.

New findings display how the Kancera identified active substances signal inside the cancer cell to trigger programmed death of the same.

”Taken together, these results provide additional guidance for the further development of our ROR-1 targeted drug candidates and their expanded use”, says Thomas Olin, CEO, Kancera AB.

About Kancera AB (publ)
Kancera develops the basis for new therapeutics, starting with new treatment concepts and ending with a drug candidate. Kancera is currently running two projects, one to develop a treatment for leukemia and one project targeting cancer’s ability to generate energy in order to survive. Kancera also develops cancer models that allow the effect of the candidates to be studied before clinical trials are started. Kancera’s operations are run at Pharmacia’s former premises at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. Kancera expects to employ around 20 people.The share is traded at NASDAQ OMX First North. The number of shareholders is approximately 1600.