About us

Kancera carries out pharmaceutical development, starting with new treatment concepts and ending with the sale of a drug candidate to international pharmaceutical companies. At present Kancera is primarily developing drugs for the treatment of leukemia and solid tumors, based partly on blocking survival signals in the cancer cell and partly on preventing adaptation of the cancer’s metabolism, thereby making the cancer more susceptible to chemotherapy.

Kancera employs around seven people and conducts its operations in specially designed high-tech facilities at the Karolinska Institute Science Park in Stockholm.

Operations are conducted in specially designed ultra-modern facilities at the Karolinska Institutet Science Park in Solna, close to Stockholm City.

Business model:

■ Development of patented drugs that can extend life and reduce care costs, for sale to the international pharmaceutical industry for further clinical trials.

■ Over a turnaround time of three to five years, drug candidates are developed and licensed out in return for payments made upfront and on reaching milestones in product development (typically at the start of clinical phases I, II and III and on filing), with additional royalty revenues.

Development work is based on new treatment concepts and aims to produce drug candidates that are sold to established parties in the pharmaceutical industry. Kancera has knowledge and methods that allow the actual effect of a drug candidate in clinical preparations from patients to be demonstrated at an early stage – in the preclinical phase – with a good level of certainty and predictability. The focus is on the drug candidate’s ability to overcome the disease’s resistance to treatment, which is one of the main causes of deaths from cancer.

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