Kancera develops drugs for inflammation and cancer.

Evidence in humans guides clinical Phase IIa study in cardiovascular inflammation.

Kancera AB conducts research and development in laboratories at Karolinska Institutet Science Park in Stockholm and employs about 15 people.The share is traded on NASDAQ First North Premier.


Kancera develops novel drugs that counteract damage during acute and chronic inflammation. Kancera also develops preclinical drug projects against cancer aimed at stopping survival signals in the cancer cell and preventing the cancer cell’s ability to be repaired.


Kancera has five drug projects in the portfolio. Kancera’s main resources are invested in the two Fractalkine projects. The further development of the HDAC project is externally financed through agreement with the pharmaceutical company Gr√ľnenthal. The PFKFB3 project is funded through an EU Horizon2020 project and ROR1 mainly through academic collaborations.


Kancera’s share was linked into the NASDAQ OMX First North on February 25, 2011. Here, you will find information about the share as well as the option to download a prospectus, annual reports, and other reports.


21 aug: Interim report januari-juni 2020

20 nov: Interim report januari-september 2020