Fractalkine antagonsists in clinical and late preclinical stage.

Blocker of the Fractalkine receptor CX3CR1. Kancera is developing the small molecule drug candidates KAND567 and KAND145 that both block the receptor for Fractalkine and thus specific parts of the immune system. The first indication for Kancera’s Fractalkine blocker is treatment for heart injury after myocardial infarction. Expansion possibilities for the blockers of the Fractalkine system are also being evaluated in inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Projects in pre-clinical phase

• Kancera’s HDAC6 project is being evaluated and developed in partnership with Grünenthal in nerve inflammation and pain.

• ROR inhibitors for the treatment of cancer. Inhibitors of ROR re-program cancer cells to destroy themselves. ROR inhibitors in the laboratory have been shown to work on cells from both solid tumors and blood cancer (leukemia and lymphoma).

• PFKFB3 inhibitor for the treatment of cancer. Inhibitors of PFKFB3 stop the energy supply to solid tumors, and reduce the ability of cancer cells to repair their DNA, which together can increase the tumor’s sensitivity to other cancer therapies.