CEO statement

Kancera has begun the phase II-study in COVID-19  

At the end of September, more than 1,300 people participated in Kancera’s digital market meeting. International experts in infectious and cardiovascular diseases described how hyperinflammation exacerbates the disease at heart attack, but also causes severe complications of COVID-19, and how Kancera’s innovations can contribute to new drugs that can normalize the lives of these seriously ill patients.

In September, we started a phase II study using the drug candidate KAND567 in acute COVID-19 at Capio St Göran’s Hospital. The study, which includes 40 patients, aims to evaluate the treatment effect of KAND567 on lung function and the immune system, both during and after the acute phase of the disease. In collaboration with research groups at SciLifeLab and Linköping University, we are mapping the immunological regulation at the cell and gene level. This survey can give us the opportunity to fine-tune the treatment with KAND567 and at the same time open the door to the treatment of other diseases where hyperinflammation is a risk factor for progression to severe disease.

In November, we also began a collaboration with SciLifeLab and Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Solna, to study the link between hyperinflammation and long-term complications after COVID-19. In addition to investigating whether an overactive immune system is causing these complications, the study will also provide information on whether the Fractalkine system plays a role in the course of the disease and thus whether Kancera’s drug candidates could counteract complications after COVID-19. Today, there is no effective treatment for this large group of patients – in Sweden alone, tens of thousands of people are estimated to be affected.

In parallel with the clinical studies, we continue to work to optimize the drug formulation of KAND567. Next, a clinical study will follow to test a new capsule formulation on healthy subjects. The results are expected in December and will be included in the regulatory application for the Phase II study in cardiac patients, to be performed at the University Hospital of Newcastle, UK.

The conversion in our warrant program (TO4) that was finalized in September added an additional total amount of SEK 38.6 million to Kancera. Thus, we have secured financial resources for the two clinical phase II studies of KAND567 in COVID-19 and myocardial infarction, respectively. The capital injection also gives us space to carry out a first regulatory toxicology study of our drug candidate KAND145, an important milestone on the way to the first clinical studies.

With our clinical development projects and collaborations with leading scientific institutions, we continue to work to provide innovative, effective and safe drugs that block hyperinflammation. All with the goal of being able to help the seriously ill to a normal life.

Solna, 20 November 2020
Kancera AB
Thomas Olin, CEO