Fractalkine is an immune factor that regulates migration of immune cells from the blood capillary wall into areas where they are needed. It sends signals via the CX3CR1 receptor. Cancer cells with the Fractalkine receptor on their surface migrate towards nerve ends with Fractalkine on their surface. This contributes to both the recurrence of disease, and to severe pain when cancer cells surround and apply pressure on the nerves.

Kancera has reported results that show that KAND567 selectively and effectively blocks the effect of Fractalkine signaling on macrophages. Independent research has shown that Fractalkine signaling in cancer contributes to the reprogramming of macrophages from being a threat to the tumor to aid the tumor.

The project has generated positive results in multiple disease models of cancer and pain. The results show desired treatment effects that are important for Kancera´s further product development and commercialization of the project.

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