ROR inhibitors project (leukemia and solid tumors)

ROR inhibitors – drug candidate for treatment of leukemia and solid tumors


When the genome of healthy cells has been damaged and is not repaired, a process of cellular suicide is normally initiated with the aim of removing the threat that such damage presents to surrounding healthy parts of the body.

By contrast, cancer cells have developed a resistance to signals that ought to result in cellular suicide when severe damage occurs in the genome. In actual fact, the faulty genome of the cancer cells is a requirement for the cancer’s aggressive, life-threatening characteristics.

Kancera has shown that if the growth factor ROR1 is present in the tumor, then anti-ROR drugs can be developed that reprogram the cancer cells so that they destroy themselves through cellular suicide. This fact forms the basis for the development of Kancera’s drug candidate.

Kancera and Kancera’s founder, Professor Håkan Mellstedt of the Karolinska Institute, are pioneering the development of this new drug targeting ROR that could revolutionize the market for the treatment of a number of intractable cancers, including advanced leukemia, breast and lung cancer, and one of the most aggressive forms of malignant tumor – pancreatic cancer.

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