Kancera develops cancer drugs, starting with a new treatment concept and ending with a patent-pending drug candidate that is offered for sale to larger pharmaceutical and biotech companies before it has reached the clinical phase in the product development chain.

The company has five drug development projects in the portfolio.

 • Small molecule ROR inhibitors that reprogram the cancer cells so that they destroy themselves. In the laboratory, the ROR technology has been shown to work in both solid tumors and leukemia. Kancera has also initiated a project aiming to develop a vaccine against ROR.

Small molecule PFKFB3 inhibitors that strangle the energy supply from glucose to solid tumors, thereby increasing tumor sensitivity to other anticancer drugs.

Small molecule HDAC6 inhibitors that primarily aim to neutralize blood cancer (primarily myeloma) by controlling the cancer cell genome and ability to move (and thereby causing death of tumor cells).

Fractalkine small molecule antagonists. The project evaluates how well the Fractalkine inhibitor AZD8797 can stop tumor growth and relieve severe pain.

Small molecule inhibitors of epigenetic processes in parasites to develop new treatments against e.g. malaria and schistosomiasis (snail fever) that that control gene activity, is currently mainly financed by the EU.

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