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23 Dec
Kancera strengthens its patent portfolio in cancer metabolism
08 Dec
iNovacia, GE Healthcare and scientists at Karolinska Institutet collaborate to advance drug discovery strategies
06 Dec
Further clinical support for ROR1 as a diagnostic tool and therapeutic target
24 Nov
Interim Report for Kancera AB (publ)
25 Oct
Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting Kancera AB
13 Oct
iNovacia AB has developed active compounds as a step towards  treatment of a serious parasitic disease
07 Oct
Kancera has filed patent for new active substances against cancer
30 Sep
Breakthrough for the Kancera ROR Technology Against Incurable Cancer
31 Aug
Interim Report for Kancera AB (publ)
11 Jul
Kancera Implements Rights Issue to Develop the Company´s ROR Technology
06 Jul
Kancera’s ROR Technology to Attack Solid Tumors
28 Jun
iNovacia Further Develops its Compound Collection
27 May
Interim Report Q1 2011 for Kancera AB (publ)
27 May
The Annual General Meeting of Kancera AB
09 May
Kancera enters collaboration with investigators at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, USA, to battle aggressive cancer
04 Mar
Full Year Report for Kancera AB (publ)
02 Mar
18 Feb
Kancera acquires iNovacia
16 Feb
First day of trade of Kancera AB at the NASDAQ OMX First North will be on February 25th
02 Feb
Flagging message
02 Feb
Kancera's new share issue oversubscribed
18 Jan
Kancera announces successful results in structure-based design of candidate molecules against cancer
14 Jan
Kancera makes significant progress in pre-clinical drug development against Chronic Leukemia

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