Anders Essen-Möller and Bernt Magnusson to Kancera's Board of Directors


At the extraordinary General Meeting of 14 October 2010, Anders Essen-Möller and Bernt Magnusson were elected to the Board of Directors at Kancera.

Anders Essen-Möller was born in 1941. Master of Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Essen-Möller has long experience from listed companies within the pharmaceutical sector, including in the role of founder, previous CEO and current Chairman of Diamyd Medical AB, which during 2010 signed an agreement with the Johnson & Johnson Group regarding the development and commercialisation of the diabetes drug Diamyd®. Essen-Möller was also the founder and former CEO of Synectics Medical AB, which was sold to Medtronic Inc. in 1996.

Bernt Magnusson was born in 1941. Magnusson (M.Pol.Sc.) is Chairman of the Board at Pharmadule AB and Kwintet AB as well as a member of the Board at a number of companies,  including Coor Service Management AB and Pricer AB. Magnusson has long  experience of Board work in listed companies, and in his Board positions has above all worked on major restructuring of several companies, such as Pharmacia, AssiDomän, NCC, Nordea, Avesta, Swedish Match, Volvo   Personvagnar AB, and as CEO at Nordstjernan AB. Magnusson was  Chairman of the Board at Skandia in 2004–2005.

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