What does Kancera do?

Kancera is currently running four pharmaceutical development projects,  relating to solid tumors and leukemia. Kancera is also participating in a EU- financed consortia against parasitic diseases. The goal of this development is both to find new ways of treating cancer and to increase the effectiveness of traditional methods of treatment.

The development work is based on new treatment concepts and aims to produce drug candidates to be sold to established parties within the pharmaceutical industry.

High level of predictability

Kancera has knowledge and methods that make it possible to demonstrate the effect of a candidate cancer drug with a high degree of certainty and predictability at an early stage – in the preclinical phase.

Kancera's cancer models make it possible to predict, with a high degree of certainty, which drug candidates have an effect on the patient's tumor cells and whether the drug candidate has the ability to combat metastases, the main cause of death with cancer.

Future income

Kancera's future income is mainly expected to comprise of:

  • Payments from the sale of drug candidates
  • Milestone payments at certain specified times
  • Royalties
  • Payment from supplementary contract research in iNovacia

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