Patent portfolio

Broad patent protection is the foundation of the commercial opportunities for new drugs. Work on patenting is an important and integral part of Kancera's operations, particularly in the early preclinical phases.

Kancera's management has extensive experience of establishing patent strategies and building competitive patent portfolios, including in areas subject to intense competition.

Patent strategies and patent portfolios are developed for Kancera's projects
together with internationally established patent agencies with which Kancera's management has had long-term relations.

Timetables for the first patent application are decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on any activity from our competitors. When Kancera sells  drug candidates, negotiations take place as to whether the Company's patent or patent applications should be licensed out, or sold directly or through an option scheme.

Kancera has, as of 2013-09-01, five patent applications covering  against small molecule inhibitors against ROR, monoclonal antibodies against ROR, and small molecule inhibitors against PFKFB3.

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