Board of Directors


Erik Nerpin, Chairman of the Board, was born in 1961. Bachelor of Laws, Uppsala University. International Banking Law at Boston University. Nerpin is a lawyer and owner of the Nerpin law firm. Nerpin's activities as a lawyer are focused on stock exchange law, corporate law, and corporate governance. 
Shareholding: 1,098,750 shares.



Håkan Mellstedt was born in 1942. Professor of oncological biotherapy at the Karolinska Institute since 1999. He is a Doctor of Medicine from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors and member of Kancera's industrial council. Mellstedt has specialized expertise in general internal medicine, hematology and general oncology. In 1999–2010, he was head of the Cancer Centre Karolinska at the Karolinska University Hospital. Shareholding: 1,820,000 shares



Charlotte Edenius  (MD, PhD) has over 20 years of experience from leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry including Executive Vice President, R & D, Medivir, Senior Vice President and Head of Research, Orexo, Vice President and Head of Research, Biolipox, and various positions within AstraZeneca clinical R & D operations. Her experience ranges from small start-up biotech companies to global pharmaceutical companies and through all phases of drug development. Charlotte also has experience as a board member of both listed and unlisted companies. Shareholding: 5,000 shares



Carl-Henrik Heldin was born in 1952. Professor Heldin is since 1986 director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Uppsala, and since 1992 professor of molecular cell biology at Uppsala University. Since 2013 he is chairman in the Nobel Foundation. He has a solid reputation and extensive network from assignments as advisor to several academic institutions. Professor Heldin is also Vice President of the European Research Council. He has over 380 published scientific articles and 190 reviews and has been awarded prestigious research prizes in Sweden, France and the U.S. Professor Heldin is advisor to the biotech companies Kolltan Pharmaceuticals (USA) and MolMed SpA (Italy). 
Shareholding:112,000 shares.


  Thomas Olin was born in 1958. CEO of Kancera AB. Ph.D. in physiology and M.Sc. in biology, chemistry and geosciences. Olin has 20 years' experience of both scientific and business management from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. He was part of the management group that led the hiving off of Biovitrum from Pharmacia and was later part of the research and business development management at Biovitrum. Olin was responsible for the hiving off of iNovacia from Biovitrum in 2006. He also has extensive experience of the licensing of pharmaceutical development projects. Shareholding: 1,802,512 shares


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